Built in 1958 as a joint venture between Chief Rabbi, Yitzchak (Halevi) Herzog who bought the land in 1946 and Jewish British philanthropist, Sir Isaac Wolfson who facilitated the building of this spiritual, religious center and seat of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.  The center houses the Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art, the Renanim Synagogue, a 500 seat auditorium used for cultural activities and the offices of other major organizations such as the JNF. In the Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art, view a collection of holy objects from synagogues and Jewish homes (2nd Temple era to present)  and objects from dynamic individuals such as the tallit (prayer shawl) associated with the Baal Shem Tov and a miniature Ark and Torah scrolls that the late Ilan Ramon took to space.

View a six screen multi-media presentation telling the story of the Jews of Vilna through the holocaust, famous portraits by artist Isidor Kaufmann, artwork by Reuven Rubin and other artists depicting Jerusalem and a temporary exhibition of contemporary Israeli art. View the lavishly decorated Renanim Synagogue, imported from northern Italy after the community there dwindled,  and see the 18th century Italian Ark and stained glass windows.  Ascend to the roof and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Jerusalem and the surrounding hills or take the children to the Small World exhibition of dioramas and miniatures of key people in Jewish history.

Flexible hours for pre-booked group visits. For information call 025889010


To See and Do

  • View Jewish artifacts
  • Objects from important individuals such as the Ba’al Shem Tov and Ramon Ilan
  • 6 screen multi-media presentation of the Jews of Vilna
  • Artwork, traditional and contempary
  • Rananim Synagogue, 18th century Italian ark and stained glass windows
  • Cultural events call 025889010
  • Center hosts Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and school activities, check website or call 025889010

Child Friendly

  • Small World exhibit in the Wolfson Museum


Disabled Access   Yes - elevators. Ask at the entrance to open the side door where there is a ramp. At June 2012 there are no toilets with disability access.
Eating   Local area has cafes, small convienence store & restaurants
Shopping   Local area has souvenirs and artwork for sale

Don't Miss

The rooftop view of Jerusalem and its surrounding hills